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Utilities & Power


How it works: Equipped with HD digital camcorders and cameras as well. The GPS positioning system of the drone can be positioned autonomously along the power grid Cruise, real-time transmission of shot footage, monitoring personnel can be on the computer simultaneous viewing and control.


Application field:

Power inspection

Inspectors operate drones on the ground to make comprehensive observations of the pylons. Even in bad weather, inspection can be carried out in the state of power to ensure electricity demand. While improving the efficiency and quality of line inspection, it greatly reduces the risk of staff working.

Pipeline inspection

Pipeline inspection involves many scenarios, such as oil and gas pipelines, urban pipelines and so on. When using drones for pipeline inspection, in addition to the advantages of improving efficiency, improving speed, saving money and safety, drone pipeline inspection can also play a restricting role in exploration, planning, design optimization and so on.

For example, in the inspection of oil and gas pipelines, drones can obtain comprehensive data of pipelines and the environment from high altitude, making the construction of oil and gas pipelines more reasonable.



Austars aviation uses infrared thermal imaging technology 

1. It can save a lot of time and labor costs.

2. Can provide high precision, high definition test results.

3. Provide the basis and guidance for the subsequent repair and maintenance work.

Detection and maintenance can be carried out without affecting the normal operation of the power grid, improving the flexibility and efficiency of security maintenance.