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Agriculture Management

There are many drones applications in the agriculture industry. In fact, drones and agriculture are seen as the perfect match of how technology can revolutionize the traditional industry, making them better, more efficient, and productive for the crop.

AG Terrain Mapping

Modern-day drones equipped with LiDAR and other sensors are used by farmers to map the terrain across vast swaths of lands as a reconnaissance tool for land preparations. The advanced computer vision capabilities of drones enable them to accurately map the terrain and offer real-time feedback to farmers for efficient planning and management of fields.3 X LiDAR system integrated with Austars Aviation drones to serve this industry from 1kg to 8kg payload and air endurance from 50mins to 180mins


Solar Panel Inspection

Farms across the world are switching to renewable energy sources like solar panels to meet their energy needs. By installing large solar farms for agricultural practices, farmers not only ensure a consistent power supply but also significantly 


Crop Spraying & Dusting

Today, smart drones approved by CASA can take huge reservoirs of fertilizers or pesticides as payload for efficient spraying across the field. In fact, Commercial drones can be programmed for spot spraying as well, making it much safer and cost-effective for farmers to manage the crop yields and stop pest infestation in crops.

Livestock Monitoring

Soil and Field Assessment & Analysis

Seed Planting

Crop Mapping and Surveying

Irrigation Monitoring

Health assessment