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Effective Solution for CUAV

What are the best solutions ?

Drone detection is only the first part to capture or intercept the drones. There are many devices on the market with the function of detecting the drones such as EO/IR, Radio Frequency, Active & Passive Radar etc. It is up to the end user's budget. Some very expensive devices are useless in some circumstance to detect LLS (Low attitude, Low Speed, Small) drones.

C-UAV in Australia and many countries is illegal unless the user is authorized by the local government or Federal Police. 99% of radio jammers on the market can affect ambulance frequencies or satellite frequencies etc

Features of our System with DSPM Technology :

l Long distance detection with an all in one system or optional upgraded Radar system, up to the customer's budget, for early warning.

l Recording the drone's ID and flight path & Early Warning.

l 24/7 operation with automatic threat response without duty control.

lTwo systems to intercept all drones & IFF/White list functioning - depending on the customer's budget.